The Infinite Harmony:
Tantric Reiki Energy Re-Tuning
There is only one thing and it is infinite.
The infinite is harmonious.
Everything we experience is part of the energy of this one
thing. Life on Earth goes to higher energy levels. Higher
energy makes us more in tune with the Divine.
A truly spiritual individual seeks to identify the self with
the universe. Art and philosophy lead the
material-minded man into a contemplation of spiritual
realities and the universal values of eternal meanings.
The Infinite Harmony: Tantric Reiki Energy Re-Tuning
offers sessions for raising and balancing spiritual energy
through art and touch.
photography by Alex Moomey
Each type of energy session is based on a client's choices. I am a facilitator for a client's own decisions.
Each session allows a client to release emotional and physical blocks. This release leads to a higher
spiritual awareness.   
Re-Tuning the Body uses Tantric Reiki body work along with music and
colored lights to balance a male client's sexual energy. This process can be
combined with other types of energy balancing for additional work on the client's
higher energy levels.

Re-Tuning the Aura uses multi-sensory vibratory techniques through color,  
sound, fragrance, and hands-on Reiki touch to provide a healing context for a
client's personal and emotional releasing.

Re-Tuning the Energy allows the practitioner's intent and visualization to
connect long-distance with a selected client's quantum energy fields.
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